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Spring '14 Capstone Competition 3rd Prize Winner

Tanya Bansal

The site is located in Wheaton city within the Westfield Mall Plaza. It is a home to former Ourisman Chevrolet site, who left the property last year, and the site has been vacant ever since then. The site is approximately two acres, and is rectangular in shape. It lies between the Westfield Wheaton Mall, and Wheaton CBD. It is located along the Vier’s Mill Road on the east, CVS on the North, WMATA parking garage on the south, and Wheaton Mall on the west. It is intended to demolish the existing structure, and to come up with a best and highest use for the site based on the market and the zoning regulations. For the purpose of this project, it is also assumed that the WMATA ramp passing through the site will be demolished. The Wheaton Central Business District and Vicinity Sector Plan Area lies outside the Beltway, north of Silver Spring along Georgia Avenue where Veirs Mill Road and University Boulevard intersect.




Wheaton is a mixture of multi-family units and typically small 1940s detached houses surrounding a central business core of primarily small, non-chain store fronts and a regional shopping mall. The Wheaton Sector Plan Area is delineated by four traffic zones, numbers 81 through 84. For comparative purposes, this report includes data for the larger Kensington-Wheaton Planning Area (“Kensington-Wheaton”) as well as Montgomery County as a whole. The map below illustrates the boundaries of the traffic zones defining the Wheaton Sector Plan, the Wheaton Central Business District and the surrounding Kensington-Wheaton Planning Area. 

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