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Cassandra Huntington

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1600 Nexus is a mixed-use, mixed-income development in the Point Breeze neighborhood of South Philadelphia. It is located along Washington Avenue, an important industrial legacy, commercial corridor. The sites along Washington Avenue have recently been targeted for redevelopment due to the growth of Center City. 1600 Nexus will be an example of equitable development for a low-income community that is facing gentrification. 1600 Nexus is an example of social enterprise development- an approach that focuses on creating economic value to help solve social problems. This project is an application of this concept and uses a profit-sharing financial model to sustain the operations for transitional housing for homeless adolescents. This development will provide equal access to both housing, services to vulnerable members of society, and help these individuals become self-sufficient and contributing members of the community. The mission of 1600 Nexus is to address social injustice and contribute to breaking cycles of poverty.

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