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Hillman Multidisciplinary Competition

Hillman Multidisciplinary Competition

The Hillman Design & Development Competition, held in Fall 2009, was an interdisciplinary competition open to all University of Maryland students. It focused on the Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center in Macungie, PA.

The property has approximately 250 remaining undeveloped mountain acres, which present a challenging site for potential additional development, including historic mines, Indian burial grounds, steep slopes, limited additional water and sewer capacity, and limited points of access.

Seven finalist teams traveled to Bear Creek for an orientation to the site. Travel, meals and lodging during the stay were generously provided by David Hillman, CEO and founder of Southern Management Corporation, and the owner of the resort.

The three-round competition concluded with a day of live presentations followed by judging and an awards dinner. A total of $30,000 in cash awards was distributed to the winning student teams. 


Coached by Brian Kelly (Architecture Faculty)
Patrick Bloomfield (Real Estate Development)
Raymond Hayhurst (Planning)
Rian McWain (Planning)
Matt Oppenheim (Real Estate Development)
James G. Ramil (Architecture)
Kevin Vandeman (Architecture)


Coached by Jack Sullivan (Landscape Architecture Faculty)
Kameron Aroom (Landscape Architecture)
Michael Benson (Landscape Architecture)
Zoe Clarkwest (Landscape Architecture)
Andrew Forbes (Engineering)
Jason Waddell (Planning)
Jeff Zeman (Real Estate Development)



Coached by Al Tetrault (Historic Preservation Faculty)
William T. Bethune (Real Estate Development)
Randal Brewer (Landscape Architecture)
Lucinda Philumalee (Historic Preservation)
Robert Smith (Civil Engineering)
Kevin Weston (Planning)
Russell Wheeler (Real Estate Development)


David Hillman is a Maryland native. He graduated from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and earned his CPA by the age of 21. He is well known for his commitment to his customers, employees and investment partners. While not an alum of the University of Maryland, he has been a generous benefactor to numerous programs on campus, in the Schools of Public Policy, Engineering and Architecture, Planning and Preservation.


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