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Deepti Maheshwari

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Bluffwalk Plaza is an expansion of the existing Bluffwalk Center. The existing Bluffwalk Center is 2 buildings comprising 64,000 SF, the Craddock Terry Boutique Hotel, 2 restaurants, and 1 microbrewery. The hotel was named in 2012 the "Best Boutique Hotel in Virginia." The area shows increasing business and demand. The site is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, 55 miles away from Roanoke, 115 miles from Richmond, and 180 miles from Washington, DC. The vision for the project is a 42,388 SF vibrant mixed-use expansion project. The development will consist of 2 buildings, 40 additional hotel rooms, hotel spa, brewery, rooftop lounge, retail, open space, and parking. 

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