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Mithila Mattoo 

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The Leaf and The Nest are a mixed-use development in the emerging neighborhood of brightwood located at Washington D.C. Brightwood has been chosen as an opportunity zone by the D.C. Mayor’s office and will see an influx of investment and subsequent development in the coming years. The subject site is also directly located on the rapidly transitioning Georgia Avenue in D.C. which has seen many emerging developments and will soon be the house of Walter Reed Development. The development embraces sustainability and environmentally conscious design with 331 market rate and affordable residential units and 30,000 SF of ground floor retail. The leaf is an apartment building and The Nest is a condominium building, both of which are oriented towards the Emery Park. The design embraces Brightwood’s trail. With a total development of 401,416 SF and 133 million in development cost, The Leaf generates an IRR of 20.9% with a property value of 96.1 million at disposition and The Nest generates a profit of $29 million a sales value of 96.7 million. 

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