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Catherine Ryckman

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Vivus, located at 5416 Annapolis Road, is a transformational mixed-use development in Bladensburg, Maryland. Vivus is a Latin word meaning “living, alive, or lively.” This project will turn Annapolis Road from an auto-dominated corridor into a community-friendly destination. Vivus is the first project of its kind in Bladensburg and will act as a catalyst for development in other northeast suburbs of Washington, D.C. The 300,000 square-foot project includes 150 market-rate apartment units, a Wegmans grocery store, Texas Roadhouse restaurant, UrgentCare, 7-Eelven, Dunkin‛ Donuts, 220
parking spaces, and community park. The total project cost is $50 million. Vivus is financed by a $37.5 million conventional loan, $9 million from a private real estate equity fund, and $3.5 million in deferred developer fees. Vivus maintains the quadruple bottom line: (1) financially viable, (2) environmentally respectful, (3) socially responsible, and (4) incorporates beautiful and sustainable design. Welcome home, to Vivus.

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